I’m Ralph Hogaboom, and I live in Aberdeen WA. I am partnered with Kelly of feminist/activist site Underbellie, Homesewn, and B-movie BFFs. I like knitting, computers, running, riding my bike, cooking, doodling, recovery, and people.

It’s 2016, and I’m currently writing an iOS app that works with audio files and tones using Xcode & Swift 2. While it’s not open source, my GitHub has a few odds and ends you may find interesting.

I run the Artemis gaming community United Stellar Navy, as well as the Minecraft server Hide Your Fire. Last year I wrote several Bukkit / Spigot plugins that significantly change gameplay:

Insomnia makes players sleep at night. Dream Messages gives those sleeping players dreams or nightmares. Out Come the Wolves makes more wolves spawn, and spawn angry. And Fount of Evil lets you place virtual mob spawners in specific locations, intended for RPG dungeons.

In March of 2015, I spoke at the Building Bridges conference in Spokane, WA about a ridesharing application I wrote for students and faculty, as well as lessons learned for building online classrooms, based on my time running a Minecraft server.

In 2014, I recorded a few cover songs: Party in the USA, Today, Faith, Never Gonna Give You Up and then did the Winter Challenge in Ocean Shores nude.

In 2013, I performed as Lady Boom for a drag show, which helped raise over $2000 for a scholarship.

In 2012, I started writing a multiplayer 3d space shooter game called Constella. More videos: multiplayer chat, example, model loader. I was also in the band Best F-Tigers Forever!!, and we released an EP that year on my record label Mighty Kitten Records, which got some favorable reviews. We played the Thurston County Fair.

In 2010 I did some programming and hardware prototyping, attempting to build a robot drummer using an Arduino.