I’m Ralph Hogaboom, and I live in Aberdeen WA. I am partnered with bespoke vegan tailor Kelly of feminist/activist site Underbellie, Homesewn, and B-movie BFFs. I like knitting, computers, running, riding my bike, cooking, esports, dancing, doodling, recovery, and people.

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2020 – I’m the esports manager at Grays Harbor College. Putting together a 25-player varsity esports program with a 6 figure budget – aw yiss. You can find out more at ghc.edu/esports.

Solid diamond 2 in doubles playlist in rocket league, playing for the MLE Dodgers & the RSC Gallimimus teams.

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In 2019: I was the chair of a state-wide higher-ed IT security group, leading four subgroups on email security, OCIO security audit, PCI compliance, and enterprise logging. I’m currently working to build a threat exchange system for the state community and technical colleges to share incident and mitigation details.

In March I was promoted to Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Lead for the college.

I hit diamond 1 in standard for Rocket League again this season, and diamond 2 in snow day (obvs the best mode. I joined the MLE team Hive’s academy team in Feb, and I’ve been dabbling with esports logo design as well.

I am taking an esports management class from UCI Davis through Coursera, and am a sponsorship coordinator for Minor League Esports org. In March, I landed the PowerA sponsorship.

I continue to participate in service work as a volunteer to help families of addicts and alcoholics.

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In 2018, I was busy working on ranking up in Rocket League, easily my favorite video game of all time, all time. I post my camera + controller settings, stream infrequently on twitch, and share my training routine. I also monetarily sponsor pro-player Karma from Splyce, & Halfway Dead’s “Rocket Science” videos.

I chaired an IT security group focused on PCI compliance, and we’re ramping up quite nicely. I expect good things from our team this year. I’m now co-advisor for the GHC Esports club – we added a second advisor in February to deal with the large and busy member activities, and March saw us hosting a League of Legends 1v1 that was well received.

In 2017 I finished my Bachelor’s in Business – Information Technology Management at WGU (go Night Owls!). I’ve been doing a series of drawings of American President Donald Trump. I’m learning basic conversational German. This year, I began the Fancy Gentleman project to learn how to dress formally and nicely.

In 2016, I taught myself Swift 2 and iOS app development. I created an iPad app that interfaced with custom engineered sound sticks to produce targeted and precise frequency recordings in conjunction with acupuncture techniques. My GitHub has a few odds and ends you may find interesting.

In 2015, I ran the Artemis gaming community United Stellar Navy, as well as the Minecraft server Hide Your Fire. Last year I wrote several Bukkit / Spigot plugins that significantly change gameplay:

  • Insomnia makes players sleep at night.
  • Dream Messages gives those sleeping players dreams or nightmares.
  • Out Come the Wolves makes more wolves spawn, and spawn angry.
  • And Fount of Evil lets you place virtual mob spawners in specific locations, intended for RPG dungeons.

In March of 2015, I spoke at the Building Bridges conference in Spokane, WA about a ridesharing application I wrote for students and faculty, as well as lessons learned for building online classrooms, based on my time running a Minecraft server.

In 2014, I recorded a few cover songs: Party in the USA, Today, Faith, Never Gonna Give You Up and then did the Winter Challenge in Ocean Shores nude.

In 2013, I performed as Lady Boom for a drag show, which helped raise over $2000 for a scholarship.

In 2012, I started writing a multiplayer 3d space shooter game called Constella. More videos: multiplayer chat, example, model loader. I was also in the band Best F-Tigers Forever!!, and we released an EP that year on my record label Mighty Kitten Records, which got some favorable reviews. We played the Thurston County Fair. I was also doing a fair number of original designs of movie posters for the 7th Street Theater around this time.

In 2010 I did some programming and hardware prototyping, attempting to build a robot drummer using an Arduino. My record label Might Kitten Records released a christmas album featuring local artists, including some I recorded myself.