Constella project notes

  • building I wanna be able to build a space station, dammit.
  • multi-crew ships Players can sign on to crew ships for each other, ala Artemis. I mean, like, HUGE ships.
  • terraforming Players can claim and – if the have the gear / $ – terraform a planet, and invite settlers.
  • farming Why terraform? Turn a planet into a huge food source, to fuel your food supply lines or sell on the intergalactic market.
  • dynamic economy If someone else starts supplying a planet, the value of that commodity being shipped there drops.
  • procedural system creation Go exploring. Sure, it takes a long time, but discovering new terrain can result in financial rewards. The universe just keeps expanding.
  • road building Invest in setting up trade lanes ($$) or jump gates ($$$$$$), and bring traders and easy travel to your system.
  • r&d Research new technology results in efficiencies in manufacturing, farming, engines, shields, weapons, etc.
  • taxes & tariffs Own a system, or a trade lane? Impose a fee to use it.
  • hacking When your R&D gets stolen, or competitors inject inefficiencies into your business.

Steal from Freelancer

  • music Freelancer’s music is atmospheric, lacking clear beginnings and endings. It swirls around, only coming to the foreground during a dogfight.
  • tradelanes The idea of space highways that speed up travel, at the risk of being hijacked – brilliant.
  • jumpgates See above, but for connecting different solar systems.
  • piracy I love how the nomads, outcasts, rogues, lanehackers, junkers etc all attack.
  • reputation A players rep determines ease at passing through different system

lemon juice



Most underarm odor is caused by bacteria on the skin and living in the arm hair. Bacteria can’t live when the pH level drops too low. An acid like lemon juice will do this – lemon juice typically has a pH of 1 (lower than vinegar, even). Fresh lemon juice kills body odor.


Two R’s for a double dose of ringin’

These are all ringtones I have made for my personal use. You can use them, too, because that’s also my personal use.

Text notifications

Tinger Fall

Made with a MicroKORG analog modelling synthesizer.

Tinger Tone

Made with a MicroKORG analog modelling synthesizer.



StarCrash – Stella Star + Akron

“So you can see into the future! Why didn’t you tell me?”

ASDF’s Mineturtle “Hellow”