Aberdeen Founders’ Day Parade, 2019
Vector, Illustrator cc2015

Design for the Aberdeen Founders’ Day Committee, they wanted a logo that embodied the heritage of the area but also was bright, fun, and open. I selected the silhouette of Mt Ranier (visible on lightly cloudy days around here), the trees, and a red+white+blue color scheme to highlight the Americana tradition of the event.

Sports / Esports Logos, 2019
Vector, Illustrator cc2015

I’ve been working lately to design sports / esports logos. The thick lines and simple but strong color schemes are so much fun.

Line art drawings, 2018
India ink on paper

I draw by hand nearly daily. It’s great when those end up in my sketchbook, but more often it’s on meeting notes, printouts, and Chinese food restaurant place mats.

The Trump portraits in particular were a source of great joy. I’m not sure why, but I just love drawing his face.

Logo and Achievement Badges, 2015
Digital illustration, Photoshop CS

In 2015, I designed the logo and badges for the United Stellar Navy, an online gaming community modelled after a Star Trek-like exploration organization. It was a lot of fun!

Movie posters, 2009-2013
Digital illustration in Photoshop CS

The 7th Street Theatre asked me to do a series of movie poster designs for second run movies. I was delighted when the only requirements they had were text elements; the design was wide open. The creative freedom was a lot of room to play, and I’ll always remember that work fondly.

Business Cards, 2011
Digital illustration in Photoshop CS

My partner owns a business doing bespoke tailoring and custom garment design, and sometimes she lets me participate in the brand identity. I loved her color choices for business cards riffing on that well-loved motivational poster.

Hoquiam Character Map, 2010
Digital illustration in Photoshop CS

In 2010, the Hoquiam Business Association approached me about a character map for the city. We sent a few design ideas back and forth before settling on this one. As part of the process, we also designed an events brochure card for display around town. website, 2010

I was fortunate to work with Bruce-Titus Automotive in Tacoma on a specialty site for the then-new Nissan Leaf. I had access to Nissan’s assets and copy, and used this to create a website that highlighted the advantages of the car. The website was designed to secure a $100 committment to buy a Leaf, helping the dealer gauge interest from the customer base.

We met weekly to discuss progress, features, and this was easily one of the quickest projects I’ve done.

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