Carball Settings

Welp, time to bring the camera back in a bit.


Last update 21 Nov 2018.


Updated 23 February 2018, mostly tightening controller deadzones, and zooming out and up the camera to see more of the field.

Camera Settings & Controls

FOV 110.00 Push to Talk checked
Camera Distance 400 Controller Vibration disabled
Camera Height 110 Controller Deadzone 0.18
Camera Angle -4.00 Dodge Deadzone 0.10
Camera Stiffness 0.30 Steering Sensitivity 1.0
Camera Swivel Speed 3.70 Aerial Sensitivity 3.0
Camera Transition Speed 1.30 Mouse Sensitivity 10.00
Invert Swivel Pitch checked Keyboard Input Acceleration 0.00
Hold Ball Camera unchecked
Ball Cam Indicator checked
Ball Arrow unchecked

Video & Controller Bindings

Vertical Sync unchecked Drive Forward RT
Anti Alias FXAA Low Drive Backwards LT
Render Quality High Quality Steer Right < LS >
Max FPS 250 Steer Left < LS >
Texture Detail Performance Jump X
World Detail Performance Boost A
High Quality Shaders checked Powerslide LB
Ambient Occlusion unchecked Skip Replay A
Depth of Field unchecked Air Steer Right < LS >
Bloom unchecked Air Steer Left < LS >
Light Shafts unchecked Air Pitch Up LS
Lens Flares unchecked Air Pitch Down LS
Dynamic Shadows unchecked Air Roll RB
Motion Blur unchecked Look Up RS
Weather Effects unchecked Focus on Ball Y
Transparent Goalposts checked Scoreboard <