These are the training lists I use to improve my basic skills. In addition, I also use RLTrainer and some of the workshop maps. These sequences come from WayProtein’s fantastic compiled list of trainers.


Getting Better in the Air/Wall F33D-5173-D39C-8DF8
Carl's Aerial Training 57AA-3994-71EC-7BCD
Way Aerials 57AA-3994-71EC-7BCD
Air Roll Aerials 30EF-9E98-C844-E83D Some of the easier shots you should practice until you almost never miss in a game. Get comfortable with this and you'll be playing like Jacob.
Popup Aerials DE43-1984-7858-7A57 Very common scoring method in the challengers ranks. Practice precision on on your first touch
Biddle's Consistency 55C9-36FE-613D-7F12 Good training for fast aerials
Biddle's Progression 7E96-B9C7-3AC0-9B70 Warmups

Wall shots & clears

Basic Wall Shots B670-C0F6-623D-D031c An introduction to wall shots. From chip shots off the wall, to dodges, all the way to full blown aerials. 10 shots.
Wall Shots 89CC-7D0D-00FA-CB2C Just a simple little wall hit pack, nothing crazy. Each shot can be scored without the ball hitting the ground.
Advanced Wall Clears 0A7E-C7C8-DE7C-28CA Training pack for mastery at clearing on the walls
Wall Shot Mastery 8989-46CE-AE49-0561 Long shot playlist. Put on some music and do make sure you feel comfortable with these situations


Protein Dribbling 3CD7-85FA-811B-BC25 This playlist will take you from zero to hero in dribbling, I recommend getting shot #2 very comfortable before moving on
Air Dribbles (Wall & Ground)c 0FB6-C16F-D26D-0A6F
Bounce Dribble 5B28-3395-F15A-01E3 Very simple 1 shot set up. Slow rolling ball towards you, with the entire field in front of you. Practice bounce dribbles, or take to the sky with ground to air dribbles.
Wall Air Dribble C0DE-BFD7-4B51-B0F1 10 shots for learning off the wall air dribbles. The first 4 the ball rolls for you so you only have to concentrate on your launch. After that, the training wheels come off and it's all on your shoulders.

Backboard shots & rebounds

Easy redirects and Backboard Shots 7D8F-A579-6A47-4DFA These will be difficult to beginners, but keep practicing. These aerial situations happen every game.
Basic Backboard Double Taps/Passes FDED-E1E4-19A9-D130 This is a great pack to learn to read bounces. I recommend practicing these as shots AND as passes. In this basic pack, all of these require you to start from a grounded position and follow with a second position
Pre-Jump Backboard Clears F1D5-36FA-257C-80A8 1-10 Inside the goal 11-20 Outside the goal 21-30 Back wall 31-40 Back wall floaters. When these feel easy check out Torments backboard pack:
Backboard Rebounds EAFD-E47A-19AC-9036 "10 total. The first 5 simulate rebounds from yourself, while the last 5 simulate rebounds from teammates. "

… everything else

Relaxing Shots 1467-6232-A3A9-E9C3 These will be difficult to beginners, but keep practicing. These aerial situations happen every game.
Passing Sandbox 8B98-96AA-86E4-7A63 These are situations I find myself in often where I am looking for a pass
Flick Sandbox A980-5F8F-1951-708E Direct these on goal or up in the air for a teammate. Getting underneath the ball is important
High Aerials 2059-414E-B380-3257 Great warmup pack for all levels
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