Recording Skype in Garageband multitrack on Mac OS

In Audio / MIDI Setup

Aggregate Device with

  • Soundflower (2ch)
  • Mic (USB Mic)

Does not need to be set for default.

In Skype

Settings > Audio/Video

  • Microphone: Mic (USB Mic)
  • Ringing: USB Audio Device (headphones)
  • Speakers: Aggregate Device


Settings > Audio/MIDI

  • Audio Output: USB Audio Device (headphones)
  • Audio Input: Aggregate Device

In the individual tracks, select

  • track 1 input source: Stereo 1/2 (Aggregate Device)
  • track 2 input source: Stereo 3/4 (Aggregate Device)
  • track 1 Monitor ON
  • track 2 Monitor OFF

Make sure both tracks are armed for recording (Multitrack recording is turned on, yes?), and test it first. Oh, and turn off any effects.