Constella project notes

  • building I wanna be able to build a space station, dammit.
  • multi-crew ships Players can sign on to crew ships for each other, ala Artemis. I mean, like, HUGE ships.
  • terraforming Players can claim and – if the have the gear / $ – terraform a planet, and invite settlers.
  • farming Why terraform? Turn a planet into a huge food source, to fuel your food supply lines or sell on the intergalactic market.
  • dynamic economy If someone else starts supplying a planet, the value of that commodity being shipped there drops.
  • procedural system creation Go exploring. Sure, it takes a long time, but discovering new terrain can result in financial rewards. The universe just keeps expanding.
  • road building Invest in setting up trade lanes ($$) or jump gates ($$$$$$), and bring traders and easy travel to your system.
  • r&d Research new technology results in efficiencies in manufacturing, farming, engines, shields, weapons, etc.
  • taxes & tariffs Own a system, or a trade lane? Impose a fee to use it.
  • hacking When your R&D gets stolen, or competitors inject inefficiencies into your business.

Steal from Freelancer

  • music Freelancer’s music is atmospheric, lacking clear beginnings and endings. It swirls around, only coming to the foreground during a dogfight.
  • tradelanes The idea of space highways that speed up travel, at the risk of being hijacked – brilliant.
  • jumpgates See above, but for connecting different solar systems.
  • piracy I love how the nomads, outcasts, rogues, lanehackers, junkers etc all attack.
  • reputation A players rep determines ease at passing through different system