Hello, nice to meet you. I’m

Ralph Hogaboom


I’m a senior cybersecurity leader and manager with 25 years experience in Information Technology. I build strong security programs in state government from the ground up. I’m interested in getting things done and stuff that works. I’m focused on people, relationships and business – I come with communication skills and a high ability to work with others. I use data analytics to demonstrate that good cybersecurity is the least-expensive way of doing business. Equally comfortable in the board room and at the linux CLI. One of my strengths is quickly turning out effective governance from the top down – strategies, policies, standards, procedures, guidelines, and baselines.

Transformational change is always possible. But it requires hard work. All the messy, unpleasant jobs that build up over time will keep an organization in a rut. Let’s do the work – and we’ll dig out of it.

BS Computer / Information Technology Management
WGU, 2016

ISCĀ² Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CISSP, 2022


Senior Cybersecurity Architect
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Olympia, WA | Feb 2022-Present

Cybersecurity Engineer, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Interim Chief of IT
Grays Harbor College
Aberdeen, WA | Feb 2007-Jan 2022

Senior Systems Administrator
Skookum Corporation
Port Townsend, WA | Jul 2004-Jan 2007

sample documents

Vulnerability Mitigation Plan
Google Docs template
Use this when you can’t patch it or take it offline just yet

Electronic Gaming Risk Overview, PDF

Security Design Reviews, PDF
For esports; Valorant, Smash, Rocket League

Configuration Guides
For esports; Valorant, Smash, Rocket League

IT action plan document template
Google Docs or Microsoft Word

resume // cybersecurity

misc, code + plugins

minecraft spigot/bukkit plugins (2016)

Dream Messages
Fount Of Evil
Out Come The Wolves

iPad app – Besonare (Swift; 2015)

Constella 3d game in Panda3d (2012)

multiplayer chat
model / solar system yaml load
wordpress-based auth system

more on github

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