Dale: Let’s start a ska band 10:35 AM
Me: Can we buy dark suits from the Goodwill and spraypaint vertical white stripes on them? 10:36 AM
Dale: Only if mine are diagonal 10:36 AM
Me: What? No way, I am the frontman. You’re playing maracas or something. 10:38 AM
Dale: I am not gonna lie. Maracas would be great in a ska band 10:39 AM
Me: K, band name? How about These Delightful Makeshift Possums. 10:48 AM
Dale: Ten Foot Squire 10:51 AM
Me: Not dramatic enough. How about Tower of Asses 11:11 AM
Dale: Sounds stinky. Walter Cronkite and the Anchors 11:14 AM
Me: Wait, aren’t we supposed to put the word SKA in the name? Making it Walter Cronkite & the Skanchors 11:15 AM
Me: How about: Delicious Beat 11:20 AM
Dale: What about Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch 11:21 AM
Me: Skanky Skank and the Skanky Bunch, and you got a deal. PS: We need to have 30 members. 11:24 AM
Me: Any ska band I’m in BETTER be larger than the audience. 11:24 AM
Dale: Large and poorly dressed. This is Ska. 11:26 AM
Me: These are good ground rules. I would suggest we add: no more than 4 Kanye West covers. 11:29 AM
Dale: That may be negotiable 11:36 AM
Me: It’s not, actually. 1:14 PM